We Believe In Sugar That Tastes Incredible

Natural brown Sugar is the best choice for your health as it has the ability to boost energy levels, prevent colds and improve digestion.


We produce Natural sugar that is of great quality with a couple of health benefits.


Molasses can be used but not limited to beer production and making Candies.


We produce and export power to areas surrounding Kaliro in Eastern Uganda.

Our Story

Sugar & Allied Industries Limited, a subsidiary of Alam Group, was established in 2011 with the aim of meeting the regional deficit and giving Uganda 100% sugar self sufficiency. Research was carried out and Kaliro district, strategically placed between Lake Kyoga and Lake Victoria, was found to have the best climate for growing premium sugar cane that would make delicious sugar.

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By 2013, a state of the art plant was commissioned with the capacity to crush 2000 tonnes of sugar cane per day producing 200 tonnes of Kaliro Sugar. The plant also generates 12 Megawatts of electricity, the factory uses some of this power and the balance is sold back to the national grid to serve the region. We have invested $60+ Million in the factory, power co-generation, agricultural equipment and out growers. All of this requires a sophisticated workforce to ensure that we produce sugar up to international standards. We have 2,000+ staff and are also in the process of building a vocational institute in Kaliro so that we can hire local staff to run the plant.

Since the inception of SAIL we have maintained a strong desire to work as closely with the people of Kaliro district as possible. Therefore we have resolved to only use out growers for our cane supply which results in an injection of UGX 60+ billion per year in the localized economy. We have 4,000+ registered out growers who are farming 25,000+ acres of sugar cane, SAIL gives out interest free loans to the farmers to help them grow their sugar and we also assist with agricultural equipment. We have also been able to get new tractors for some of our registered out growers, through bank loans, to make them more independent.

SAIL also plans to embark on an extensive corporate social responsibility program involve building a modern community hospital, improving the road network in the region and working with to improve the education for the children in the region




Our Factory is located in Kaliro, in the Eastern Region of Uganda.

ON going expansion

We are expanding the factory from the current crushing capacity of 1650 TCD (tons crushing per day) to 2500 TCD. This will enable us to produce over 200 tons of sugar per day.


Your healthiest option

Kaliro Brown Sugar is known to be very healthy compared to ordinary sugar because it contains less chemicals, therefore recommended as the best option for human consumption.

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